About Us

Seasonality Spices is a farm-to-table provider. We make the world a little bit smaller by directly connecting your kitchen to spice farmers in countries like Singapore, India, Hungary, and Egypt. 

We are committed to global food pathways that are equitable, accessible, and of high value. Every agricultural expert we source from is carefully selected. They use traditional farming methods handed down in their family from generation to generation.

Every few months, we cut out the middle man by picking up small batches of their spices at peak freshness ourselves. This direct model makes our spices more vibrant, aromatic, and flavorful than your average spice.

We recognize the value of high-quality products on the body, heart, and mind. So, all of our salts and spices are handmade, fair-trade, organic, and vegan. 


We believe in creating a business that adds value to everyone: our partner spice farmers receive fair and livable wages while our customers enjoy the most exquisite spices each continent has to offer. We live and operate by four ideals:

[ 1 ]

Spice supply chains should be direct and cost-effective.

We understand that mainstream spice supply chains are convoluted and include many handlers. This practice results in less-than-fresh spices that are delivered to customers at prices that are higher than necessary.

The Seasonality Response: Our supply chain is direct from the farm to your table. Each spice is transported in small batches to ensure peak freshness. The money saved from cutting out the cost of the middle men goes directly into your pocket, and the pockets of the farmers with whom we work.

[ 2 ]

Purchasing power should seek to disrupt popular economic theory of quantity of quality.

The spice industry is laden with the belief that quality must be sacrificed in order to maximize income. As a result, most kitchens are stocked with spices full of pesticides and additives that do not reach their flavor potential.

The Seasonality Response: We work directly with sustainable farmers to provide our customers with bespoke spices. Every spice we sell is fair-trade, all-natural, organic, and vegan. Every blend we provide is handcrafted by our resident chef. The flavors and colors of our spices are enhanced by the traditional methods used to grow, harvest, and dry each spice. We cultivate a community of conscious consumers who put their money behind products designed for the good of all.

[ 3 ]

Conversations about sustainable farming should focus on the artisans who plant, harvest, and dry the spices.

We realize that conversations in the sustainability field focus heavily on farming methods. Yet it's the spice farmers around the world who utilize these methods, and they are notoriously underpaid for their craft. As a result, growers are often forced to cut corners and find cheaper ways of conducting business.

The Seasonality Response: We ensure that very one of our farmer partners is paid a fair and livable wage in order to support them, their families, and their wholesome products. We educate our customers about the benefits of sustainable farming and the struggles sustainable farmers face.

[ 4 ]

Everyone should have access to delicious and nutritious foods.

Our fertile planet has the power to produce foods that are both nourishing and exquisitely flavored. While many are fortunate enough to have access to these foods, there are many who struggle to feed themselves and their family. The foods they do have access to are often unhealthy and flavor-limited.

The Seasonality Response: Here at Seasonality, we have developed the Spice-for-Spice Program to address the disparity in access to food. For every 1 oz. of spice that our customers buy, we donate 1 oz. to a food pantry. Your purchase provides another family with the same opportunity to enjoy wholesome, flavorful, and nutritious foods.


About You

You are passionate about international flavors created by the world's finest ingredients. You acknowledge the benefits of global commerce and choose to engage thoughtfully and with integrity. You value deliciously flavored food for its ability to nourish bodies, hearts, and relationships. 

You are excited to join a community of international foodies. To share recipes and exchange healthy eating tips. To explore new food trends and old favorites.

Welcome to Seasonality, and welcome home.