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Kingston 10 Jerk Seasoning (Jamaica)

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Kingston 10 Jerk Seasoning (Jamaica) 
Handcrafted Spice Blend
All-Natural, Organic, Vegan, Fair-Trade

There is little more that stirs up the spirit of Jamaica than a plate of jerk chicken, and Kingston 10 is sure to get you there. Our finely crafted jerk seasoning is a secret family recipe of one of the founders. He used to visit his grandfather every summer, and his favorite dinners were those where he could savor the sharp, smokey flavors of his grandfather's hand-blended jerk seasoning. When his grandfather passed and he was cleaning out the house, he found the recipe tucked between the pages of a Bible. After just a few tries, he was able to perfectly capture the blend's flavors, which he now packages and share with you.

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